Microwave Repair


The microwave recently has become one of the most powerful and integral kitchen appliances in many houses. This appliance allows us to heat the food in seconds and enjoy it in a warm temperature. Agree, that our daily life becomes easier with this appliance and we eat food with more pleasure, because it is hot and the smell immediately spreads throughout the room while heating.

Here are Some Common Microwave issues

1. Microwave Will Not Run
If the microwave doesn’t turn on it can be the result of simplest and the most serious problem.
The first thing that you are going to do is to make sure that the appliance is plugged into an electrical outlet. You should also test that the outlet is providing electricity, if not the problem is within the electricity.
A malfunctioning door switch can also be the problem.
In many cases, you would better call a trustworthy microwave repair service to resolve these problems.
2. Microwave Runs But Will Not Heat
It can be because the Issues with either the microwave’s high voltage diode or magnetron often cause this problem. And of course, faults with either of these parts will prevent your microwave from producing heat, even if it’s receiving power. These parts can be replaced by professional experts.
3. Microwave Touchpad Does Not Respond
A broken touchpad may be the result of a faulty membrane switch or control board. These components are difficult to fix without a specialized company.
4. Microwave Tray Won’t Turn
A broken drive motor can be the results in a tray that won’t turn.
5. Microwave’s Exhaust Fan Does Not Work
If you face such a problem there may be a problem with its charcoal filter or grease filter. But anyhow if your filters are clear, there may be an issue with the microwave’s fan motor. In this case, you should call a professional expert to have your appliance repaired.
6. Microwave Is Making Excessive Noise
A noisy microwave can be the result of different problems and issues, including a faulty drive motor, roller guide, magnetron, cooling fan, or high voltage diode.

What are the common signs that a microwave is going bad?

• There is smoke, sparks, and burning smells. Note. These are signs of a serious problem.
• Microwave doesn’t cook food properly.
• It makes a lot of noise as it cooks.
• The door doesn’t seat properly.
• The Microwave keypad doesn’t function.
• It’s over 10 years old.

Simple Maintenance for Microwave

1. You should always keep the inside of your microwave clean.
2. Always keep the outside of your microwave clean.
3. Always use microwaveable containers.
4. Always cover your food.
5. Never put materials like metals in your microwave.
6. Always make sure the door closes properly.

We want to mention, that Best Sacramento appliance repair specialists can repair microwaves and they do it in a short period of time regardless of the complexity of the injury. Our specialists walk with time, frequently they are trained to improve their knowledge. In addition, they work with the latest equipment and tools. We guarantee the quality, we assure you that after the repair your appliance will serve you for a long time. 

Microwave parts Best Sacramento Appliance Repair Service replace.

  • Microwave Light Bulb
  • Microwave Grease Filter
  • Microwave Charcoal Filter
  • Microwave Water Filter
  • Microwave Bracket
  • Microwave Halogen Lamp
  • Microwave Glass Tray
  • Microwave Light Socket
  • Microwave Door Switch

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So, call us and save your money and time.