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Dryer Repair Service

A dryer is a machine used to remove moisture. This equipment becomes especially necessary when the weather conditions are worsening or it is raining; therefore, this device allows to dry clothes in a few minutes at home. All you have to do is press a few buttons, wait, and the dry clothes will be ready.

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There Are Two Main Types Of Dryer Repair Service

Electric– this is also of three different types: vented, condenser, and heat pump condenser.

Gas– uses gas to heat the tumbler and usually uses less electricity to fuel the appliance than standard dryers. This type of dryer also has advantages as it is generally cheaper to run, often dried clothes faster than electric dryers, and requires a vent to the outside, thus not ideal for small apartments.

Dryer Features

The Most Common Parts That Break Down

Major Brands We Work With

Common dryer problems

Clothes dryer won’t turn on

Several things could be causing the problem. First, it would be better to check your control settings to ensure that all buttons are fully depressed. Secondly, check whether the start button was pressed or turned enough to activate the dryer.


First, check the power supply to ensure electricity reaches your appliance. Also, check the voltage at the outlet.

 Terminal Block

Firstly, check the voltage at the terminal block. Then replace the terminal block if it is faulty.

Door Switch

If the door won’t close, various things were probably collected around the door gasket, which didn’t allow the door to be closed. It would help if you cleaned it regularly to prevent future occurrences.

Start Switch

If the start switch is faulty, your dryer usually won’t start. First, you should remove the knob from the start switch and open the control panel. Next, press the start button and follow the instructions. 

Noisy Dryer

There are many moving parts on a dryer that can make a noise. However, many of the noises a dryer makes indicate that something in your dryer needs attention.

Dryer Repair Benefits

Why Choose Our Dryer Repair Service

Don’t be concerned if your dryer or another appliance breaks down; Best Sacramento Appliance Repair’s adaptable and qualified technicians will repair it quickly. Our experts are well-versed in their field and can quickly identify and resolve any issues you may be experiencing. We promise excellent quality and service. Our 15 years of expertise and outstanding client feedback demonstrate that we are among the industry leaders. In addition, we strive to keep our pricing affordable while maintaining excellent quality. So, all you have to do is contact Dryer Repair Service to save. Visit here for microwave repair.